Friday, October 4, 2013

Accidentally in Love...

So...I haven't been blogging.  I miss blogging...I miss rambling about nothing to no one...I guess I probably should have separated my personal blog from my teaching blog from the start...because's all muddled and those who care about my personal life don't care two licks about my teaching blah, blahs, and vice versa.  But...that is all hindsight, and I am too lazy to strain one from the other now.  So...personal it is tonight, maybe.

Tonight Neil headed out to the Colby Homecoming game solo--the kids and I thought pjs and coziness sounded better.  This in and of itself was a rarity (not the pjs and coziness), but the Neil part.  Honestly, in ten years, I can count on one hand the times Neil went somewhere at nighttime without me.  So I decided I would make the house all super-clean--nothing my man likes better than coming home to a clean house!  Then I got really crazy and thought, maybe I'd finally bust into the wine I got as a gift...back in June.  So I retrieve it...blow the dust off a wine glass...and stare at the bottle...and realize...I have NO means of removing the cork.  True, sad, story.  Did I mention I don't get around to consuming adult beverages much?  Or...ever?  The hooch was not to be had.  When exactly did I become boring?  (Well, perhaps just days are still lived out in a caffeine filled haze...boring is probably NOT the best descriptor!)

Either way, I pretended to reenact a nighttime from my pre-mommy days.  Candles, dim lights, loud music, cleaning, and swayin' to and fro.  It was almost believable...except instead of a sticky post-party coffee table I was matching up tiny discarded socks and Squinkies.

As far as the teaching gig's not that I don't have oodles to share, it's just that my teaching is SO all-consuming right now.  I am literally spending every waking moment thinking, planning, and talking about my job.  All my computer time is sucked up with school-related searches and such, that the thought of actually blogging about it exhausts me.  I'm not complaining--I'm excited and engaged and in love with my job all over again...but at the same time I have SO much racing around my mind at all times that I just don't have the energy to sort it all out on the screen.  So don't expect much from me for awhile...

Back to the personal...on Sunday is the Community Care Walk...huge memory-marker for Neil and I.  Eleven years ago Neil (after much begging and prodding) convinced little ole' then-single-me to walk with him...we walked, and talked, and flirted.  I met his sister, Carolyn, for the first time that day...and...drum roll please...that was the first time Neil and I admitted to "liking" each other.  Yes, I know, we acted twelve, but I can still remember us both standing in the stairwell of the school, bottom landing--he on one side of the stairs, me on the other, going..."Well, I like you..."  and "I like you, too...."  "Now what?"  And seriously, that was it.  I mean literally--he left and I went home, both totally clueless on how to proceed.  In those early days we were like hard as we fought to keep our distance, fighting it was fruitless--we were drawn together--and never has it faltered.
Us then...

Us now...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just a quick Sneak Peek...a bit of a Classroom Reveal

It has been almost a month...I excuse other than I felt I had to cut back on my computer my blog was the one to go.  But I just HAD to share how my classroom is shaping up!  I'm not all. I have a million things I still want to finish...but here's a look at some of the beginning work.  These pictures show it in varying stages of completion!

One of my first jobs--covering my bulletin boards with paper...covered that bookshelf with contact and duck tape...put up vinyl owl clings around the room...and made my deco-mesh wreath.

Next I put up my alphabet line--this is from my TPT store.  I hole punched them and connected them with mini colored brads.
I also covered my cardboard divider with black butcher paper and chevron duck tape.  I use this divider to make the computers NOT visible--otherwise they are too distracting.

I hung up my behavior clip chart, and made tiny clothespins for each student...

I made the magnets for my lunch/milk count boards.

I added the multi-colored background paper to my LONG bulletin board...though I still have not put words on it!

I started (but never finished) my calendar board...

Even though I spent WEEKS making my owl schedule cards...I ended up using my same ones from last year out of pure laziness...My schedule hasn't been made yet, so these are just stuck on here...also notice my owls by my clock!

I started my bulletin boards--I've done my birthday board, job board, and library/prayer board...close ups to come another day!

Notice I put my name tags on the FRONT of my desks--saves on the life of them!

You can't totally see it, but I jazzed up my mailboxes with some neon colored duck tape--my daughter's are in love with it!

And finally...
My door--these little owls took me two whole days--not going to lie.  I used my Tiny Hoots clip art to make an outline template...that printed, cut, and glued all the pars together!  My background paper is a special wrapping paper I found at TJ Maxx...and I am HOOKED!   This will be my door paper until eternity if I can continue to find it!  It was the perfect size--no trimming the edges, and it was paperless paper...made of stone.  It feels, cuts, and lays AMAZINGLY!

When I finish, I will take more detailed shots, these are just my hubby-pics.  Whenever I am at school working, I snap pics of what I worked on so I can show him when I get home!  :)