Monday, August 6, 2012

Claire + House = Disaster

     Like other people I know, I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest and TeachersPayTeachers.  I'm not going to has sucked away entire days of my summer vacation.  However, I am at least obsessed with something that could possibly make me a better teacher, right?  So it can't be that bad.  Until I look around the room.  And I see I have been somewhat glued butt to bed, laptop on legs...Pandora cranking out teenie-bopper tunes...while the children have been left to their own vices.  Now, it is not as if I have been ignoring them...Claire has been happily buzzing about the room all afternoon.  Hence the problem.  My bedroom is suddenly an insane collision of all things "Creative Claire" has deemed entertaining:  floor cushions, piano stool, spare keyboard, high heels, markers, tote bags, stuffed animals, lotions, cow flashlight, heating pad, at least five pairs of sunglasses, six or seven random shirts of mine....the list goes on and on...getting off the bed becomes a potentially dangerous land mine.  And the sad thing is I know my child...these items under no threats of punishment, coercion, or begging will ever be picked up by her.  Which now makes my afternoon of laziness a cruel joke on me.  Now, in addition to the normal household chores I have been neglecting, I have the five-year old cyclone to deactivate.  And that, my friends just seems overwhelming...I think I hear Pinterest calling me....

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