Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Work it...own it..."

     Okay, so Julia Roberts I am NOT...however there is definitely something to be said about self-confidence. A confident person doesn’t have to be a slave to fashion or trends or the next big thing. Why? Because they take what they like, and in their bubble of existence that IS the now. It’s not caring about the judgements of others. Take myself...just recently my colleagues...who shall remain nameless were playfully poking fun of my Veggie Tale obsession. Do I care? Of course not...because I love them, and because I back this passion whole-heartedly, I have been able to convince an entire student body throughout the years that talking Christian vegetables are THE thing. (Which, they are.) To me, that is OWNING IT. Taking what you love, and not questioning whether it is cool, but simply assuming that everyone else KNOWS it’s cool. This mentality was my saving grace when teaching fifth graders–trust me, those prepubescents can and will eat you alive (if you let them). It’s not being stuck-up, or prissy, or wrongfully proud–it is simply LOVING who YOU are...and expecting others to share your enthusiasm for YOU. So, just remember kids, "God made you special, and He loves you very much!" (Um...words of wisdom from a kindly tomato).

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