Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bunk Beds and Tooth Fairies Don't Mix...

     Payton lost yet another tooth tonight. It started bleeding when she was brushing her teeth before bed, gushing actually, and then she ran upstairs, and a few seconds later she and the kids were hooting and a hollering that it had fallen out. Bedtime erupted into chaos as she was trying to rinse out her mouth amongst the fever pitch of the rest of the household. As excited as I was for her, it makes me a little sad to see her smile change once again...I had just gotten used to the way it was...and those bloody tooth happenings really ick me out. Carter was in a panic already at suppertime as Payton was flaunting her oober loose tooth because she had lost like, eight teeth last year in Kindergarten, and he was half-way through Kindergarten...and not even the slightest wiggle was happening in his mouth! I assured him that Payton was ahead of the curve, and he was actually right on track with his mouthful of baby teeth. Remember back when these were our issues? When the biggest stressor/excitement was whether or not we would render a visit from the tooth fairy? I want to BE them...but I am not...I am forced to live in a stress-inducing big people world, with real my own stupidity for placing a tooth-losing child on the top bunk and making life just a little bit more difficult!

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