Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh the Thinks Claire Can Think

   Okay, not to force you into reading my four-year old's writings, but hey, it is a free country and you can stop anytime.  Claire and I were reading Dr. Seuss books together...but after a few, my voice was tired of reading, and I told her it was her turn to read.  So she did...well, kinda...not really, as she is FOUR and doesn't know how to read, exactly.  So she picture read two books to me.  As she read, I typed out her story, cuz I am apparently unable to sit still without multi-tasking...however, she really wanted her stories to reach a larger for all of my four blog you go...Claire's Dr. Seuss stories...I think she has a real future...perhaps not in story writing...but a definite future...

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think
This has way too many. They put out 102. It was way too many. "You think this will hurt me, no it won’t! I have gloves on." And he laid his gloves on the Porky. They wanted a cake and out came a cake. He was watching them but their marshmallows were falling. And there was a swimming pool. And they made a rope to tie around, and they climbed up into the swimming pool and along came a bird, "CAW! CAW!" Whales came up, they came out of their heads, as far as they could. Two little brothers, they are twins and twins. "I have made my decision, I am NOT going to go in the pool! I hate the pool!" And there’s a little Big, and its tail was real long. And Nick was over there, and he has a rope and was jumping in, "Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp." Nick fell over, he was so scared. He didn’t know what it was. There were all naughty guys, they were all naughty. All naughty. And they wanted Nick to win. Someone was pointing a candle so they can see who he was. And he shouted from the moon. And there was lots of Thing 1s and Thing 2s, some were blue, some were pink, some green, and some were red. And they were all purple. They were all different colors. And there were lots of naughty people, but the Cookers were nice, but the rest were naughty people. Some of the animals were nice, too. And that’s the end.

Old Hat New Hat
Once there was a little bear named Furry Bear and he wanted a new hat. His flower kept falling down.
And he founded a hat and it was really good.
"No, No, you shouldn’t take my hat!"
"You mean this one?"
Some were fat some were little, some were short, some were big.
"I look stupid in this hat."
"No, no, I don’t like this hat."
"I look squishy in this hat. I look big in this hat. These cakes are too big for me to carry."
"I look fuzzy in this hat! OWW! This hurts my neck"
"NO, no, too dotty. NO, no too red."
"I look Wise-Men in this." "I look Wise-Men again!"
"I look like a baby in this hat."
"I look like a house in this."
"NO, no, that looks too necklacey in this."
"NO, no, that’s too popcorny!"
"NO, no, that’s too leafy."
"NO, no, that’s too ice-creamy."
"That looks too ice-creamy AGAIN!"
"NO, no that looks too swirly."
"NO, no much too wiggy!"
"NO, No much too curly!"
"NOOOOO!!!" Shouted Bear.
And the Wig Lady was very disappointed.
And then she dropped out a hundred hats, and he was like "What is ALL this mess? Cheese hat? Square hat?"
He was like, "NO I don’t like any of these hats! This hat is just right for me!"
"I look GOOD in this one. There’s one of me, two of me, three of me, four of me, and they were much too good!" And everybody was "HMMM..." And you don’t have to do that, you just have to see!

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