Saturday, February 18, 2012

She's a Brick House...

     I was lying in bed last night thinking...I miss being pregnant.  (Now don't go getting any ideas, that ship has was purely...reminiscent.)  Now, I am not referring to the tiredness, nausea, awkwardness, or overactive bladder...but the simple act of being pregnant.  You are not just you when you are are YOU...miracle worker...procreator...creator of human life.  The world looks more kindly upon you.  People smile at you more, they hold doors for you, they offer to carry things for you, and my Leo/Dragon persona reveled in it.  When pregnant, you are always accomplishing something.  Taking a nap?  Laying around on the couch?  Fabulous, you are not wasting are growing a baby!  And that, my friends, is hard work!
     Pregnancy always made me in giggle in that it was such an outwardly public statement of what you have really been up to.  I mean, walk around with a big pregnant belly and there is just no denying it--and even as a happily married woman...I still found this slightly amusing.  It's no wonder that years ago, it was not polite to discuss a women's "delicate condition."  Although there is nothing "delicate" about being pregnant.  Ginormous?  Yes.  Delicate?  Not so much. 
     Whenever these pregnancy whims happen upon me, I have to remind myself of such things...and push my attention-seeking desires at bay...because really, as a mom, you may lose the kind admiration of perfect strangers you receive as a pregnant person, but you gain the undeniable admiration of these tiny people you create.  In my children's eyes I am a rock star...which brings me to my next entry...

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