Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unbreakable...oh wait, never mind...

     Yesterday...we went roller skating as part of our Catholic School’s Week celebration. Now, this particular field trip used to be greatly anticipated by me...back when I was younger...hipper...more it is starting to feel more like a form of cruel punishment.. I was skating around the floor, thinking to myself, seriously, how is this fun? Why would any grown person do this? Oh, yes, please, let’s strap four tiny wheels to the bottom of my feet and force myself out on a glossy surface...Where every second my senses are working overtime, trying to anticipate any possible diversion that will cause me to tumble unsuspecting to that hard floor. So I’m watching...wobbly children–steer clear of them, they can and will take you down with them...the show-off weavers–avoid them at all costs, they will cut you off and force you into an unwanted path...the dangers are endless. And these kids just fall over and over like they are made of rubber, but I’m pretty sure I’m not as bendy! My four year old, Claire, was fearless! She whipped on those skates, and she wanted NO help. She would just head out into that chaotic fearful skate zone...clomping along in a walk she’s perfected in my high heels. My first grader, Payton held her own, too. Not exactly skating...more of a shuffle, but definitely on her feet! Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually do know how to skate, but it has just lost the fun factor...I guess I’m slowly morphing into a older, crabbier, no fun version of myself...or perhaps, just one who has lived long enough to experience pain, injury, and humiliation...and would really like to avoid all of them if at all possible!

The look on her face is not apprehension, but annoyance over a forced photo op!

Payton looking just as excited!

This was the only time the girls let me hold their hands--just for a picture!

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