Sunday, March 4, 2012

All That and a Bag of Chips...

     Okay, so I know I am really, really bad at this blogging thing...I want to be a good, faithful writer...but truthfully...first off–I bought a Kindle Fire and have sort of...abandoned my laptop. Not that I couldn’t blog on my Kindle Fire–I can, and I just takes me a really long time. And secondly...I just can’t seem to focus on any one topic long enough to fill an entire today, out of guilt, I will sit here faithfully and type away...however I make no promises whatsoever of staying on topic...none. Remember that.
     This weekend was a whirlwind of various happenings...first off...Friday night we took the kids to see The Lorax. Which now brings their movie theater total up to a grand total of THREE visits. I know, we really outdo ourselves around here...we call it: Being Cheap. So off we went to spoil our children with a real movie theater experience. I liked it...I didn’t LOVE it...but that could be due in part to the fact that I had overtired, and ill-behaved Claire on my lap nearly the entire time...whispering LOUDLY things like, "When is it OVER? I want to see the movie I saw on your computer...I don’t like these glasses...they are HURTING my ears...Is it over NOW?" So...I have to admit a sense of relief flooded over me when the credits finally rolled. So much for spoiling our children. I walked out feeling like I had just put my child through torture...a very expensive 3D butter-coated, caffeine-splurging type of torture. Then, as a final kicker to the evening we had to make a quick stop at Walmart on the way home to make an emergency microwave Neil had witnessed ours shooting out flames earlier in the day...and since I have a really serious bacon addiction right now–and pan cooked bacon is gross–we HAD to buy a new one. And seriously, what is it with Neil and fire-inducing appliances lately?
     Roll Saturday. Payton had her first EVER friend birthday party invite. Big stuff here. So, off we went...the entire family to send her off in style. I panicked slightly when giving her wardrobe she ended up with a Packer jersey and leggings...seriously? First grade? First party? This has sparkles and floofy skirts written ALL over it! Doesn’t she realize these will be the party photos that will resurface in 11 years as yearbook and slideshow flashbacks? However, I gave her the choice, and I wasn’t going to off she went. Party was a huge success...(three of the six girls in skirts...future Prom court right there...). She happily chattered away the entire way to Grandma’s house when it was over. Claire and Carter were green with envy...and I was left yearning for Payton’s next birthday when I can put together an equally kid-wowing soiree.
     Unto Sunday. Well...went to Mass and Grocery shopping (put away groceries and realized we have 20 boxes of cereal in our pantry. 20. None are old. None are stale. We stock-pile cereal the way Mom and Dad did toilet paper.) Ate bacon...felt exhausted, ate more bacon. Took Excedrin to counteract exhaustion. Wished the house didn’t smell of bacon. Made cereal bars after feeling extreme disgust at having 20 boxes of cereal...Managed to use up two...down to 18. And now...Excedrin has kicked in enough that I could blog, and will now go whip up a casserole for supper...and maybe some laundry...and closet cleaning...although the kid's just put in Camp Rock...and I may get sucked in.
     And that my friends is a really long, really boring entry. You asked for it. I warned you. I did. So there. (Cue really childish tongue-sticking out and finger wiggling).

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