Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am TEACHER...hear me ROAR--or not...

      Okay so I have to admit as a is hard to turn that part of myself off...which is sometimes nice…like when helping my own kids out with something new or patiently helping my mom attempt to coincide with technology...but other times I worry that it pops out at inappropriate times. Take the other day, for example.  I was cruising through Walmart with my cart, dodging people left and right when I came upon these two boys…I'd say about nine to ten category...brothers...and they were all hands-on-each-others-shoulders/arms-locked-wrestling in the center of the aisle.  Finally, one of them just hauled off and kicked the other one...and before I knew what I was doing I found myself giving them the full on--oh no you didn't/that was horrifically uncalled for/100 watt teacher stare. The same one I dish out to my students on a daily basis...and let me tell you that kicking boy FELT IT...he squirmed...and dropped his brother like a hot potato and fell in step with his mother in a ploy of obedience. I couldn't help but walk away chuckling at my extreme teacher power…until I got a sobering look at my OWN children…oops…never mind.

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