Thursday, May 3, 2012

Simpletons and Solar Lights

Okay, so...let me just say that we are dorks...and by we, I mean ME.  Well, let me just toss in Neil and the kids into that "we" as well.   There.  I said it.  WE are dorks.  We know it, we own it.  Take tonight, for you all know, Neil and I rebuilt the front deck.  Of course that meant new landscaping had to figure into the mix...and as part of that, we bought some new solar lights for around the deck.  This in and of itself should not be a big deal...we have had solar lights before (until Neil kicked them apart one too many times and hauled them to the dump in typical throw-everything away Neil-style).  However, did that stop us from experiencing the rushy-excitement of watching the new lights "click" on for the first time?  Of course not.  There we are, Neil, Payton, Carter, Claire, and I...gathered out in the driveway at dusk, screeching with giddy delight each time a new light popped on.  It was like the redneck version of a pyrotechnic display.  Even as it was happening, I openly acknowledged to Neil, that we, undoubtedly, were a strange family...but than another light would click on and the kids would be cheering and clapping and running to see it, and I'm not going to lie...pure joy, my friends!

You see, this is why Neil and I are the perfect homebodies...we are so easily entertained by the elements around us that we have no need to stray far from home.  I was just explaining to one of my friends at work today why I would never want to be a "weekend camper groupie" (as she is).  And she said, "Yes, but if you are at home what do you actually do?"  Well, Jody, there it you know.

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