Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Quiet Critter Conspiracy

     So...I was browsing the Target dollar bins and I came across a few packs of pom pom critters.  Remember those?  They have a pom pom body, glued to feet of foam or felt, googly eyes, and some little antennas?  Teachers on Pinterest have been calling them "Quiet Critters"...being that they tell their students that they are tiny creatures that are very shy and only come out when it is SUPER quiet in the room...then when a student is quietly working you set one on their get the point.  Well, I took a pack home, in case I wanted to try it out, and when we got home, I took a few out, and explained to my children...apparently a with a little TOO much gusto all about the "quiet critters".  Of course they each wanted to hold one, and I let them, thinking, of course, that they totally got that they were just a fuzz with glued on eyes...boy was I wrong!  Before I realized it, my three each on their own had spread themselves out to the most remote corners of the yard to sit in silent wonder, waiting for their critter to magically come alive.  Neil and I were flabbergasted.  Carter was standing by the garage, ear to ear grin gently holding his little critter...looking at me every few seconds expectantly...Payton climbed to the top of the play set--discouraging Claire to come near--warning her she needed it QUIET.  In Payton-like fashion she sat there with a too grown-up expression on her face...willing her critter to come alive...and Claire, stood in the middle, giddy with delight, gesturing wildly with her finger to her lips that all should be quiet. 

     I felt...horrid.  Really.  I had somehow unintentional tricked my own children.  I hadn't meant for them to take it so seriously.  I thought they would laugh and pretend along with me.  Neil and I kept looking back and forth between them...whispering..."Oh my gosh...what are they thinking is going to happen?!  I had no idea they'd really think they were magic!"  I didn't know whether to let the illusion continue...or tell them they was like being caught off guard faced with Santa or the Easter Bunny.  Finally I went with the distraction technique...and quickly pointed out the kittens down by the silo...they ever so gently placed them back in the package...shrieking when one of them fell to the ground in front of the worries...we saved the little critter and put in back in its bag! 

     To appease my guilty spirit, I promised them that we will spend a day making a bin of our own quiet critters...I got out a bag of pom poms for them to admire, and we thought of different ways to make them unique.  However, I still think they wholeheartedly believe the tiny beings will spring to life once will be interesting to see how my third grade class takes to them...of course, remembering their enthusiasm for Leprechaun catching last March...I don't think I'll have anything to worry about...and the Quiet Critter Conspiracy shall continue...
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