Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Younger, More Exciting Version of ME...

Exciting occurrence for me:  Today I happened upon an old mix CD...I'd say a year or two post-college graduation...one that held my most iconic fun-time memories...and although it was BADLY compromised...having been abused and handled by one too many intoxicated hands--perhaps found stuck to the coffee table in one of those morning-after ghoulish clean-up extravaganzas.  Needless to say...I had very low expectations of its survival.  Right away I had popped it into my car CD player...and it immediately rejected it and its deteriorated state...so sad.  Returning home, I tossed it unto the coffee table, forgetting about it...until just now.  Claire picked it up, and asked, "What's this?"  And on a whim, I gently placed it into the CD drive in my computer...and lo and behold...IT PLAYED!  FANTASTIC!  I'm SO excited--within moments I was transported back to my glory days...swayin' to and fro...Music is a fabulous and powerful thing...able to transport us back in time in a single bound...a lyrical superhero, if you will!  So for the rest of the night I plan to sit here by the glow of my computer screen...maybe light a few candles...and reminisce about a time when I was fun...Yes, you heard it, capital F.U.N.
Here it is...One well loved mix CD...circa 2000, perhaps?

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