Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Burning the Midnight Oil...

So, once I start on something, I am like an obsessed woman--driven to finish it completely...And now that I have started creating things for my TeachersPayTeachers store, I  fear that it might be a LONG summer, full of late nights, blurring vision, and pale skin.  I fear, in essence, that I will become a vampire.  Okay, so maybe that is extreme--however, if the past two nights are any indication of how things will play out...I should probably order in a case of Excedrin now!

That being said, my project as of the past few nights is COMPLETE!  Yay!  (Cue confetti guns and trumpet blasts.)  I was working on finishing a Classroom Decor pack called, "Black & White & Bright" and it is FILLED with lots of fun stuff.

There are calendar pieces, name tags, incentive charts, print ABC's, Welcome pennant, Word Wall small ABC's pennants, and small labels...for a start!

The other thing that I am super excited about is that I was able to create matching embellishments in the form of clip art so that they can be used to create other things the teacher needs--like newsletters, posters, Open House info, and other labels...I love having the versatility to create what you need!

I just can't seem to switch off my "teacher-mode" yet.  I wandered into the Dollar Tree today and found myself going straight to the Teacher stuff.  Of course how can one even begin to think of summer when I am wrapped up in a blankie in my dreary living room!  Oh well, I can't I am quite comfy here with my laptop on my lap...

Off to poke about my neglected house so I don't feel too guilty about...well...neglecting it...Go check out my store and my stuff!  :)

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