Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Frenzy Freebie

Well, my friends, it has been one LONG frustrating day at my computer.  Long story short, I finally got a new printer, because mine...died...and when I went to print all my Black & White & Bright collection...I was NOT printed way too dark to see any contrast between colors...I really don't think it was just my new printer, as I often misjudge the intensity of printer ink from that reflected on the screen...SOO...I started the long journey of recoloring it ALL...big, big, big SCREAM SIGH...

But, on a happy note, I took a much needed break from that to whip together my Friday Freebie--an owl themed All About Me poster.  I remember when I first started teaching and I paid big bucks to order these types of posters from Scholastic for my first never occurred to me that I could MAKE my own!  TPT has given us all the mindset that we can self-create...or buy what another teacher self-creates when we are too lazy busy!  Either way, enjoy!  Click on the picture to download from my TPT store!  Don't forget to share the love with a little feedback!  :)

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