Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Introducing..."Feathered Friends"...

So, a quick post before I head to bed...I've been working on a couple of different projects right now, and one of them is my new "Feather Friends" Classroom Decor pack.  This pack has super-sweet clip art of owls, birds, and tulips, and its color scheme is turquoise, coral, yellow, and pink.  I started out with deskplates and then moved on to Bible verse posters.  I realize these won't be for everyone, but as a Catholic school teacher, I am always looking for cute decor that shares the faith.  After they were done and I printed them out, I actually decided I'm going to frame a few and hang them in Payton's new room when big-sister Rachel leaves for college!  Here's a quick glimpse at what I have so far--keep checking my store for other additions--there will be more for both public school teachers, as well as us private school teachers!

Click on any of the pictures to see them in my TPT store!  My 20% off sale is still going on if you hurry!


  1. Found you through Tori's Blog Hop. Your Feathered Friends pack is adorable! Following you now. :)

    Read With Me ABC

  2. Thanks so much Wendy--I checked out your blog, and you have great ideas flowing, too! I'm trying hard to break into this "Teacher Bloggin'" circle, but it isn't easy to gather a following! :)