Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

Do you ever have those days that end up being a total bust?  Like, at the end of it you realize that the world has not improved at all because of your contribution, and you probably should have just stayed in bed?  Well, welcome to my world.  I have officially been on summer vacation for six days now...yet I have barely had a moment to catch my I declared today lazy day.  It sounded great, right?  Laying around...watching bad Netflix miniseries...working on TPT theory...FABULOUS.  In reality?  Hopelessly boring...guilt-inducing inactivity.  My husband, Neil, called me before eight-thirty this morning with a mile-long list of his daily accomplishments thus far...and myself?  I was still in jammies, on the couch, laptop glued to my thighs...and to make me feel worse, he mentions that he pulled the trailer of mulch into the back yard, in case I felt like doing a ridiculously too big little landscaping thanks?

Then, I insisted I was just trying to finish up a big TPT project that I was working on...and I did try. computer decided it hated me today, and in my final steps before adding it to my store, as I converted it to a kept messing up my formatting...and I don't know how to fix it.  I've researched it, and found no answers...and tried a few guesses of my own...and finally called it quits for the day.  If anyone knows how to fix this problem--where some of my images get scootched (yes, technical term) down on the page...PLEASE let me know.  I will be eternally grateful and love you forever!

And on one random side-note before I officially call it a day...a little dog has decided to adopt us...I know usually with pets the HUMANS are supposed to do the adopting...however, not in this case.  This little dog started "visiting" us about a week or so ago.  Every afternoon she would wander into our yard and hang out for at least a few hours.  She is tiny, and doesn't pay much attention to us, humans.  Upon discussions with the neighbors, we have come to realize that she is a little stray who appeared at their house.  They've let her stay and all...however...her visits to us have slowly been increasing in length up to today...where she has stayed the entire day...including now--nighttime.  For the first time today when I came out of the house she came prancing up to me like we were buds.  I think she has test driven both the neighbor's and our farm, and we have won.  Lucky us?  Not sure.  For a girl who always declared herself to be a cat person, how on earth, did I end up with three dogs?  I'll just chalk that up to the mystery of Monday...

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