Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Teacher Always Says...

Okay...crazy, I know, but another linky today...couldn't pass this one up, and it was fun to see what other teachers are spewing on a regular basis!  This one comes from Tammy at Forever in First.

I gave it a little thought and there a few things that seem to frequent my teacher talk...

Ever have those students who have a CONSTANT annoying endearing inner soundtrack?  They hum, they mutter, they drive imaginary tractors, and have audible dialogues with themselves?  Well, this is my gentle reminder to them...often...

This is for those students who feel the need to tattle inform you about EVERY happening of EVERY student in the room...This reminds them the only one they need to be concerned with at the them.

Simple question to keep classroom discussion moving  about a topic, and gives them a hint they might be moving in the wrong direction with their answers.

Said in a super quiet, sing-songy voice when kids are off-task...

Kids always have a tendency to freak out when something looks hard, or new, or long.  Problem solving in Math ALWAYS gets them in a this is my mantra when I hand out those types of assignments.

My kids are trained to snap forward at "Facing the person in front of you" and talking should cease at "mouths closed"...if any student is oblivious to one or both parts, I repeat the part they haven't done until they are all ready to walk into the hallway.

This one goes two ways...first, as a goal--THIRD GRADE WORK (cue flashing lights and jazz hands)...but sometimes, I use it the other way...when I have students who are those perfectionists/overachievers, who get SO frustrated with themselves because something is not reaching their mental vision, I have to remind them--"You are in 3rd grade, and I want 3rd grade should look like an 8 or 9 year old did it--that's EXACTLY what I am looking for...that, to me, IS perfect."

...and that my a snippet of my teacher talk!  Thanks, Tammy!


  1. I often used the kindergarten version of you last mantra - does this to look like kindergarten work - for the same 2 reasons that you use the third grade version.


  2. Deanna, thank you so very much for joining my linky. It's been a pleasure to read the great things that teachers say. I love the soundtrack one. That can get a little annoying. Thanks again!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First