Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zombie Mode

So--the time has come--I am "officially" on summer vacation!  I should be dancing about the room...loud music blaring, perhaps?  Splurging in a celebratory drink, you might think?  Well, sorry to disappoint, but it is none of the above.  I am, in fact, laying on my bed, in a half-comatose state...listening to my children right outside my bedroom window, partaking in all kinds of summer mischief.  The problem with my children is that they have now entered the stage where they are very aware of Mommy's "zombie mode" and they try to capitalize on it however they can.  The door will creak open to a plethora of requests they think I'll okay in my groggy stupor..."Can we have a Popsicle?"  "Can we set up the sprinkler?"  "Can we get out the slip and slide?"  Unfortunately for them, I am too aware of their plot to let too much pass me by...that being said, they have now in their desperation moved on to the water faucet under my bedroom window.  I'm not sure exactly what is happening, but I am pretty sure it involves a bucket of ice-cold tap water, and a little game of chicken.  Whatever...they are wet and happy and safe...and that, my friends, is enough!  Bring on SUMMER!  Woo-hoo!
The kids (in a fuzzy pic) AFTER the water faucet fiasco! 

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