Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Horse of a Different Color...

It took me nearly ALL day...but I did it.  I created my very first CRAFTIVITY!!!  (Confetti...trumpet blasts)  Well, let me modify that...over 14 years of teaching I have made TONS of my own craftivities.  But you know how it works...folding, cutting, checking, re-cutting, tweaking...until finally you had a usable template for your students to use.  And then, three days later--you throw the pattern in the recycle bin thinking, "I'll just remake that the next time I want to do this activity."  The End.  (True Story.)

So this is the first time I intentionally got it formally and permanently right.  To easily be retrieved at any point and time...and even better than put in my TPT store!

I call it...."A Horse of a Different Color"...

Aren't they SUPER cute!  Payton made the first one, Claire made the middle one, and I made the last one.  I LOVE having my kids test them out for me.  And Claire is five--and she was able to cut and glue the horse together--that is always reassuring to see!

Here's a closer look:

I had intended to just use bright colored paper--however the only thing I could find lying around the house was scrapbook paper--and I discovered that it really kicks the fun value up a notch!

Do you often feel that your students are truly a "horse of a different color"...well, then this is the activity for you! Let's celebrate their uniqueness! 

Simply print out the template pieces--let them pick their combinations--cut and assemble following the step-by-step directions!

Then, using the sheets given, students can add their own "Horse of a Different Color" poem. My age guidelines are as follows (but can certainly be modified by you):

Preschool/Kindergarten: Poem simply needs them to add in their own name in two places.
Claire wanted to write her name on her poem right away...

Kindergarten/First Grade: Poem first has a sheet for them to practice/review writing their color words, then the poem is filled in by linking color words to describe emotions they feel.

Second/Third Grade: Poem has a sheet of prewriting to fill in describing themselves. Then the student uses their answers to fill in their poem sheet.

I really had a ton of fun created this product, and I can't WAIT to start my next one.  You can click on any of the pictures to swing over to my TPT store and check it out for yourself!

Two more things before I go...

FIRST--I have actually started printed and making tangible things for my OWN classroom!  It just occurred to me the other day that I was spending so my time working on my blog and my store, that not much has been making it to my own "done" pile.  So I finally dove in:

I printed and laminated my new months of the year, name tags for their desks, and their reward punch cards (remember, the punch cards are still a freebie in my store)!  And if you are SUPER observant and smart--you may notice that the name on these items above me is none other than Payton daughter!  That's right, folks, I get to teach my own daughter next year--how COOL is that?  I am is SHE!

Second thing to mention:  Tomorrow my bestie and I have a BIG shopping trip planned to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Good Will, and the Dollar Tree...I can't WAIT...more about that tomorrow--I hope!

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