Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

Well, as a birthday tribute to our great nation...I have assembled a Birthday Balloon Decor Pack--free for you to download through the 4th only--so don't wait!  Last year I went with the Birthday Balloons from  You can see them in one of my earlier posts HERE.  And I loved them.  I made them up before school started, and never had to think about it again!  Who doesn't like simple?!

Well, I wanted to make new ones this year to match my I started designing a bunch of different ones...hence this pack!  My plan for this to find a place in my classroom to do the gift bags I've been seeing on these:

or smaller bags like this: 

Then I will put the smaller labels that I made for this pack on each bag.  I will use the large label on a cup/can/container that I will place all the Birthday Balloons in. our Open House, I will have each student choose the Birthday Balloon they want, and they will place it in the proper gift bag--so it is all ready for them when their birthday rolls around!  Birthdays made simple! 

Here are some pics of the Birthday Balloon sets included in this pack:

This pack will only be free through the end of July 4th--so don't wait to download it!  Click any of the preview pics above to download!  Please share the love and drop me a comment at TPT when you download--we teachers need to support each other!  :)  Happy Fourth Everyone!

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