Wednesday, July 3, 2013

iRead...therefore I'm CRAZY...

Okay, have you seen this on Pinterest? (btw...I couldn't find the original creator...) being me saw this and thought..."Hmmm...there MUST be an easier way then cutting out that pattern by hand"...sooo...I sat down at my computer and made up a full-page iPod 13 different colors, that had a 4x6 inch screen to place a picture.  I also made one in white, so I could always print them off on colored cardstock, if I wanted to conserve ink!  Keep in mind the wheel will also be colored then, but I printed out a sample, and it still looked great!

Then I thought...let's make a skinny template, too, that would work better for maybe...a door dec?  So I made another set with a 4x4 inch window. long as I was doing that...why not turn them all into clip art?  And once I made them all with a white screen I figured...why not gray and transparent?  Soo...78 clip art files later...I decided I had to be done!  I actually abandoned this project this start a Birthday freebie in honor of the Fourth of July...BUT I forced myself to finish this before I went to here it is!  My preview sheet simply showcases the colors using the clip art--but the PDF files that are also included are full page images:

You can click on the preview picture above to check out this pack in my TPT store...

ALSO...don't forget to keep checking back the next few days for my birthday Fourth Freebie--it won't be a freebie forever, so you don't want to miss it!  

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