Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rules and Washi Tape

Okay my friends...I am FANATICALLY in love with some of the things I've been working on...and I just had to forget about take a quick break from cleaning my house to share with you!  First off, I am just finishing up making new rule posters for my classroom.  I saw these chalkboard signs by Michelle Oakes and thought they were SUPER cute...only I wanted a few different I made my own!  I only have three frames finished, as those were the only matching ones I could find around the house...I sanded them, and painted them.  The fourth one will be an orange frame:

(Picture this in an ORANGE frame!)

I have a spot all ready on my classroom wall for them.  I might add a top frame that says "Our Rules" and give it a black frame...but I'm not sure!

Secondly...have I mentioned my ADDICTION to washi tape?  OMG...I can't stop buying it...I just can't.  I have been slowly wrapping my entire world in washi tape...which brings me to my next project.  Ever since last summer I have been desperate for a Stack-On Teacher's Toolkit that are all over Pinterest.  Well...I finally got one!  Here it is!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the little owls in this font...which I really want to find...only can't right now...poo...I'll have to add it in later...

See my fun washi-tapes!

I have SO many different school projects going right now...I have been in and out of my classroom the past few days.  I will be heading in tonight with the family to work and have "Family Movie Night."  Yes, that is how much my family adores being in my classroom.  We actually plan nights just to go hang out there.  Sometimes we pick up a little Chinese food or pizza, and eat in the room.  We will put a kid's movie on the projector and watch it while Neil and I do various projects around the room!  My children literally were raised at school.  Even when Payton was a tiny baby, I'd zoom over to daycare (which was two blocks away) as soon as the kids got on the bus, and bring her back to school so I could nurse her!  We have spent countless hours there off the clock...and now, all three of them are students there, as well!  

Wow...I have wasted enough time...I MUST clean my house!

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