Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Adventures of Claire and Mr. Frog

Claire is the LOUDEST imaginary player around.  When she is in the midst of a game, the entire house can hear her.  My own thoughts were interrupted by this story line...courtesy of Claire.

Apparent Plot: Mr. Frog a stuffed green Webkinz is stranded on the floor beside my bed. Claire–Rescuer
               and part ninja? is lying on the bed trying to rescue him.

Claire:      Mr. Frog just hold on okay? First, I need my birthday crown (pulls on paper handmade crown,
               with crayon "4's" on it) Just hold on Mr. Frog–I’ll be right back. (Runs to other side of room, then
               mutters to self) Ahh I don't need this stupid crown it doesn't make anything better for Mr. Frog!
               Mr. Frog don't worry about it, I’ll get you out. You just stay close down there, I’ll be right back!
               (Muttering to self) This is seriously not working for me. (Runs away yelling) Ninja storm ranger   
               form-ha! Hi-ya! (Cue ninja kicks)

               (Returning to Mr. Frog) Mr. Frog, just hold on, you are my only hope! I will get you! I got you!
               Oh no, Mr. Frog, you are all stinged up! You have to get all that stinged off of you. But wait! A
               tattoo! First I must put on my tattoo! Just wait Mr. Frog, I’ll just be a minute–I’ll put on my tattoo
               fast! 1-2-3-Done!

And then she got sidetrack by her toy cell-phone and began texting the High School Musical characters...Mr. Frog lays abandoned on the bed.

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