Thursday, June 20, 2013

Simpletons and Solar Lights Revisited...

So, some of you Frenzy die-hards may remember a little over a year ago when I blogged about the joy of my new solar lights in an entry called, "Simpletons and Solar Lights"...well, my friends, I can assure you, I have in no way, shape, or form matured into a more worldly person over the past year.  Once again, today, I was planting some impatients along our front walk, and I decided to add in a few solar lights (as we stockpiled them on the last Menard's rebate sale).

 See here?

Well, at dusk, Rachel and I happened to be outside when the solar lights started "popping" on...Oh. My. Goodness.  Seriously, why is that so exciting?  I swear I was not TRYING to be hokey...but every time one of them popped on I couldn't stop myself--I was jumping up and down and clapping.  I think I have a condition. One's level of excitement really should not supersede that of small just shouldn't.  The good thing is, when faced with those less-than-enthused-products-of-our-society youth, I can whip them into a frenzy in no time FLAT.  Why?  Because...I.  Am.  Awesome.  'Nuff Said.

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